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Survive Outdoors Longer Rescue Flash Mirror



Survive Outdoors Longer Rescue Flash Mirror, SOL™. From the Bivvy to the Core Lite, Medical Scout, Howler, Hybrid and Origin

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Visible over 10 miles! Target planes, helicopters, and distant search and rescue teams with the Rescue Flash Signal Mirror. The retro-reflective aiming aid enables you to signal targets from miles away, and the lightweight Lexan construction will not break if dropped.
Ideal Uses:
- Backcountry Skiers
- Backpacking
- Boating
- Hunters
- Kayaking / Rafting / Canoeing
- Pilots
- Snowmobilers
- Adventure Racing
- Camping
- Climbing
- Hiking


- Ultra-bright signal is visible from up to 30 miles.
- Retro-reflective aimer enables you to aim the mirror's reflection using one hand.
- Retro-reflective mil-spec style aimer makes it easy to signal distant targets.
- Durable polycarbonate mirror won't crack or break if dropped.

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