QR Quick Relief Blood Stopper

*QR for Cuts 2 Applications/Pack



QR for Cuts 2 Applications/Pack

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QR for Cuts 2 Applications/Pack Quick Relief for cuts, punctures and other easy-to-reach wounds – 2 applications per clamshell. QR Powder stops bleeding instantly. QR does not wait for the body's clotting process to take place. QR Powder does not burn the skin and does not cauterize. QR Powder is non-toxic and is not biologically derived. QR Powder immediately forms an instant and flexible scab that may protect against infection and allows the body to heal the wound on its own. This package of QR Powder is for minor external wounds and contains two (2) applications. To apply QR Powder, just clean the wound, apply as the wound begins to bleed again, completely cover the wound and tap and press for 30 seconds to form the scab. VERY SIMPLE! For fingertips you may want to wrap with gauze for added protection. FDA classified in the same category as gauze and bandages. Hypoallergenic - no allergic reactions. Non-toxic.

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