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Basic Triage Unit Kit



Basic Triage Unit Kit

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Basic Triage Unit Kit Kit Includes: 4–Legend Safety Vests-These versatile safety vests have a clear legend on the front for name tag and the back area for assignment or design your own inserts. 4–Rolls of 200 foot Colored Triage Tape-Mark out your triage area with this unique tape: Minor—Delayed—Immediate—Morgue 12–Ground Stakes-Use these to secure your triage tape in the ground. 37 Page Triage Book-This in-depth book offers tips on how to set up your triage unit as well as an explanation of what triage is, how to perform triage and the pitfalls of a triage operation. Also included are the following forms: Triage Treatment Log ~ Head-to-Toe Patient Evaluation ~ Injury Assessment ~ Body Identification Sheet. 4—Grease Pencils 4—Clipboards 25—Triage Tags 4—Pencils 8—ID Tags (front and back) 1—Carry Bag

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