Consumer First Aid Kits


Consumer First Aid Kits

Consumer First Aid Kits

High End Adventure Medical Kits, Wilderness first aid kits, first aid kits for Kids, first aid kits for Dogs,First Responder kits, American Red Cross first aid kits, Sports first aid kits, Home, Auto, Boat, All Purpose First Aid Kits, Soft sided or High Impact Plastic Cases.  Check out our huge selection!

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  • All Purpose First Aid Kits

    Be ready for any kind of first aid emergency at any time and any place. Wholesale-Direct carries all kind of All Purpose first aid kit depending on your needs. We have a wide range of varieties, some which you can carry on your purse or pocket, small, medium and large first aid kits depending on the number of people you want to keep safe, soft sided, wall mountable, plastic, family kits with special items for kids... you just name it we have you covered.

  • Outdoor & Camping First Aid Kits

    If you are one of those persons that loves outdoor and camping, enjoy the best of nature knowing that Wholesale-Direct has taken care of you, including everything you will need in your first aid kit.

  • Auto First Aid Kits

    Enjoy your ride and feel safe knowing you are ready to handle any situation because you carry one of our emergency kits for vehicles. Tablets and medications, burn relief, sanitizer, bandages, CPR equipment, ointments, you name it. And some kits even include roadside safety gear and flat tire repair tools as well as personal survival tools all packed in special sizes to fit in your car, minivan, truck, or whatever you are driving.

  • Home Shop Safety Kits
  • Professional Grade Kits

    If you are a Pro, you definitely need a Professional Grade First Aid Kit. Wholesale-Direct knows exactly what you need and the quality that you require. Survival, sports, trauma, adventure, mountain, first responder, any professional activity is covered.

  • Sports First Aid & Medicine

    Don´t let anything stop you from performing 100% in your favorite sport. Wholesale-Direct has everything you need to keep you and your team in the game. We have the kits you need! Make sure you keep them refilled with enough Instant Cold Compresses/Cold Packs, Electrolyte Tablets, Athletic TapesAmmonia Inhalants and more.

  • Dog & Cat / Pet First Aid Kits

    If you have a BFFF (Best Fury Friend Forever) or any other kind of four legged buddy, we are sure that you are going to love our kits! Our kits will give you peace of mind while you are waiting for the veterinarian to respond. Our Dog, Cat and Horse First Aid kits have been designed by veterinarians and are equipped with everything you need to treat small scratches, infections, and eye injuries or any other trouble or emergency situation. Bandages, ointments, burn relief, syringes, tweezers, eye wash, cotton tipped applicators and in case of catastrophic emergencies, special food and everything you need to keep your pet safe, warm and calm.

  • Kids First Aid & Child ID Kits

    Kids are special and have special needs in first aid emergencies. Keep them calm, keep them safe, keep them pampered with our special first aid kits, both at home and school. They deserve it!

  • Soft Pack First Aid Kits

    Wholesale-Direct puts in your hands top quality soft sided First Aid bags equipped with first aid emergency needs for any kind of purpose. Different sizes, different purposes, bring them with you anywhere you need! You name it, we have it!

  • Adventure Medical Kits

    Are you an adventure fan? Well, you do your thing and we´ll cover your back with everything you need in a variety of types of adventure medical kits in different sizes, designed for you to be safe outside, with emergency medicines and survival accessories. Any adventure can be safe. Adventure Medical Kits are ultra light weight and watertight to ensure you to have a fabulous adventure.

  • Pandemic Kits & Supplies

    Coronavirus Infection? COVID-19: The CDC and WHO recommend wearing of protective clothing (such as masks, gloves, gowns, and goggles) and the use of infection-control measures (such as complete equipment sterilization and routine use of disinfectants.  Reduce risk of exposure to Influenza A, H3N2 variant viruses (“H3N2v”,) H1N1, H7N9 Bird Flu, Avian Flu, Swine, Bat, Canine, or other pathogens.  We have a number of outstanding values for Cleaning, covering, and protecting you from unnecessary exposure.

    Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, some of these high demand products may take longer to ship than normal. Please check with customer service for updates on shipping times.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

    Warning: Items considered ORM-D/HAZMAT We can´t offer expedited shipping for these products. If you order these items with 1, 2, or 3 Day Shipping it will be changed to Ground Shipping when processed.

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