Fundraiser First Aid Kits


Looking for some fundraising products that stand out from the rest?

Tired of Candy, Gift Wrap, Candles, etc.?

Here is the Healthy Alternative for fundraising...

Every Business and Individual has a need for First Aid, why not offer them Discount and Wholesale pricing on premier first aid products, while building your Organization's Treasury?

Whether you are looking for a unique fundraising idea for your school, team, organization, or other fund raiser project, here at Wholesale Direct First Aid, we have Many Creative Healthy and Safe Fund Raising Options for you: First Aid Fundraising Program!

First Aid Fundraising Program...simple steps to big profits... 100% MARKUP... first aid is needed everywhere, home, business, events... with this unique healthy alternative fundraising program you can meet your fundraising goals while offering a nice alternative to the typical, candy, candles, magazines, and gift wrap! Buy them for $5 Sell them for at least $10 (a $15 value!)..Who can refuse?

Auto First Aid Kit
General Purpose Home First Aid Kit

We have a TON of free information and downloadable brochures now for the Fundraiser Program...

Download & Customize them with your Organization Name and Information from here:


  • It is always best if the participants have AT LEAST one of each to demonstrate, better if they have the actual kits in hand to sell and collect the money on the spot (buyers are ore inclined to hand over money in a straight exchange for product)

  • 1000 kits qualifies for free shipping! But, this quantity may exceed the 3-14 day shipping

  • If you have any comments or would just like to know more about how to use our products for your next fundraiser, we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

  • OTHER GREAT WAYS TO RAISE FUNDS... Create a First Aid Fund Raising Program that suits your needs...

  • Purchase your other First Aid Kits in Wholesale Case Quantities and Resell at retail for great Profits! ...Great for "Theme" Fundraisers... see consumer theme kits like Pet First Aid Kits or Golf First Aid Kits or check out All Consumer First Aid Kits

  • Preprint some of our other First Aid Kits with your group Image in advance (See the labeling program!), or just order samples to show when taking orders, then purchase the exact quantity you need after you have collected from your supporters.

  • Set your Organization up as an "Affiliate" and sell First Aid Kits all year long for Monthly profit checks. What a great way to create a steady flow of income for your group!

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