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Breast Examination Simulator

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Breast Examination Simulator

The most lifelike model available for teaching and practicing breast palpation techniques. Useful for both health care students and patients, this is an excellent model for hospitals and medical clinics to use in teaching women the proper techniques of breast examination. Special vinyl formulations have been used to create the most lifelike look and feel possible. A unique feature of this simulator is the realistic fluid breast mass. This mass allows displacement of breast tissue under palpation almost exactly as it occurs in a live patient.Each breast contains abnormalities...the left has a small nodule in the upper outer quadrant and a fibroadenoma in the lower inside quadrant. The right breast has a fixed lump in the upper outer quadrant, a fluid filled cyst in the lower inside quadrant, and a round lump movable discrete mass directly under the nipple. The simulator allows women to practice all phases of breast examination in both a sitting and prone position. This lightweight simulator is designed with a concave back to allow placement against the patient for ease in demonstrating or practicing palpation techniques. Life/form® Breast Examination Simulator is complete with teaching guide, American Cancer Society guide to breast examination, and storage box. One-year warranty.

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