Affiliate Program

  • Do you have a web site?
  • Do you know any Businesses or Consumers? Any at all?
  • Would you like to earn cash?

If you answered yes, than our affiliate program is for you...

Joining is FREE and the rewards are phenomenal.

We are very excited to announce our new Affiliate program.

This program is designed to pay individuals or companies for referring people to our web site.

Here are some highlights:

  • FREE - No set-up costs
  • No monthly charges
  • We take all the calls - We process all the orders!
  • Generous Monthly payment on orders
  • Generous Monthly payment on repeat orders
  • Your Logo Image on every page
  • Online portal to view hits / orders, etc
  • Pre-made buttons & banners available
  • You even get commission back on your own purchases Two-tiers affiliate program available also! (i.e. you can bring on affiliates for us too... and benefit)
  • Choice of customized landing pages (depending upon volume)
  • Customized banners available (depending upon volume)
  • Wide audience appeal - Every one, whether in Business or a Personal Consumer needs first aid...

We offer Industrial supplies like First Aid cabinets & Stations, OSHA & ANSI Compliant kits for specific industries, refills, eye washes and safety training... and incredible specialized consumer goods for home, auto, sports, travel, outdoor and camping, home workshop, even first aid for pets & kids!

Wholesale Direct to the Public - Worried about competing with the "Big Chain" pricing? We are the #1 Distributor for America's 3rd largest First Aid Manufacturer, and a "Master Distributor" for most of our other lines...this allows us to offer every customer Online discount pricing BELOW RETAIL on single item purchases, and WHOLESALE DIRECT pricing on case quantities... and we can still pay you 10% commission! This pricing structure encourages larger volume purchases, which equates to higher commission checks to you each Month!

By simply referring visitors to our web site, either by email, button, or banner ad on your web site, you can earn money on an on-going basis.

No need to do order processing, shipping or customer service, just leave that to us!!! You just send in the customers and collect the check at the end of the month!

We not only pay on orders taken but on repeat orders too!

  • We boast a 10% to 30% customer return rate annually
  • How do we do this?

  • EVERY Customer can get a FREE First Aid Kit EVERY time they order
  • EVERY Customer gets a return discount EVERY time they order ~ This encourages them to shop again within 60 days.
  • We have outstanding, high quality products WELL BELOW retail pricing...once they have seen our products, they come back for our "theme" kits for gifts, using their return customer discount!
  • Our program appeals to a world wide audience as it allows anyone, anywhere to benefit.

Furthermore, we do not charge any affiliate fees i.e. this program is entirely FREE !!!

  • Benefits
Affiliates will receive the following benefits:

1. Get paid on orders

An affiliate would receive commissions on initial orders from customers that they have referred to our web site.

2. Get paid on repeat orders

We will also be paying out commissions for all repeat orders place by your customers. We have dual protection for your repeat sales...first a cookie will be placed on your customer's computer, BUT even if they clear their cookies or order from a different computer, our system automatically ties their email address to your account! Remember that most of our customers re-order on regular basis! 10-30% re-order within 3 months.

  • What commission do you pay?
We have 2 types of pay out which can be pay-per-click or pay per sale basis, most common requested is pay per sale.

1. Pay per sale commissions are as follows:
% of sales on all original & repeat sales...Reports available online 24/7!

$25 referral fee for each new Affiliate you refer ($25 will be added to your Monthly Commission check the Month after your referred Affiliate reaches $250 in sales, qualifying them for commission)

Cookie duration (the length of time in which the purchasers cookie remains allocated to you) = 99 years... But wait! Even if your customer clears their cookies, or logs into the site from a different computer, their email permanently ties them to your Affiliate account!

2. Monthly Commission Checks
Once a purchase is made, you get credit for the sale. The program keeps track of all the purchases made by visitors on your site. The running total of your earned commissions are tracked and available for your review 24 hours a day. Once your commissions accrue to $25 or more, you will receive a commission check.

3. Contact Us Anytime!
We have full-time staff to assist with questions. Simply fire off an email or call us on the phone. We also have a full-time customer support staff to handle customer questions (and there are always many, especially considering our many specialized products and custom labeling options.) We know your reputation is at stake when endorsing products.

If this sounds of interest to you then please click here for full details on how to get going.

  • What sort of commitment does it take?
Our affiliate commitment varies from a simple link on their web site to 'multi campaign' based business ventures.

You choose the level and income that you want/need.

Of course you can simply start with an affiliate link and then develop it from there.

We have a large selection of pre-made banners and can make more if required. You can also use text links and links that you can email. All of these can land on any active page on our website. We will issue you with your unique URL (link).

Landing page examples available.
  • Are you interested in making some Extra Money?
1) Establish an account with us. Just click on "your account" above - you need not make a purchase

2) Prepare an 87x295 pixel .gif image to upload (this will replace our logo on every page)

3) Email us for your Affiliate Distributor Agreement and 10 minute set-up instructions at:

Or, Just download the four files you will need here:

Click Here for: Steps to Set Up Your Affiliate Account
Click Here for: Affiliate Agreement
Click Here for: Affiliate Program
Click Here for: IRS W-9

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