QR Quick Relief Blood Stopper

QR WoundSeal + Applicator, 2 Applications



QR Wound Seal + Applicator 2 Single Use Applications - For Nosebleeds, Head Wounds and other Hard-To-Reach Wounds

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QR Wound Seal + Applicator 2 Single Use Applications - For Nosebleeds, Head Wounds and other Hard-To-Reach Wounds

The powder, with light pressure, simply mixes with the blood to form a seal in about 30 seconds, keeping blood in and contaminants out. This seal fully hardens after a couple of hours, at which time it becomes water proof. The seal will stay on until your body forms a natural scab, at which time it falls off by itself. This means that after the 30 seconds it takes to stop the bleeding, your wound management is done!! Bleeding injuries cost more than you think.

Unlike other products, Wound Seal is the only product that forms a seal over the wound.

  • Helps workers get back to work quickly... reducing employee downtime
  • Minimizes unnecessary trips to the ER
  • Results in fewer OSHA-recordable events - Wound Seal is not OSHA-recordable as it is considered “First-Aid” treatment.

Is Fast and Effective…

  • Stops bleeding in seconds and forms a protective seal allowing nothing into or out of the wound.
  • Works independently of the blood clotting cascade – even people who tend to bleed easily.

Is Easy to Use

  • Needs blood to work
  • Nontoxic, hypoallergenic and does not cauterize the skin
  • Not metabolized by the body – it is not a drug
  • Pour Wound Seal Powder on bleeding wounds and apply pressure for 30 seconds

...and is a Proven Technology

  • Used by leading hospitals
  • Used by pro sports teams
  • Used in thousands of occupational workplaces


While the packaging says “Avoid aspirating the product into the nasal or oral cavity.” Biolife, the Manufacturer or WoundSeal (aka QR Powder), says this means “don’t sniff it in or swallow it.”

Neither will hurt you because WoundSeal is non-toxic, but it is an irritant if “sniffed” into the posterior (back) portion of the nose. “A long time ago we had a lady call in complaining. Turns out she didn’t use the applicator and simply sniffed the powder to try to stop a nosebleed.”

Use this product as directed with the applicator, and it is a GREAT solution for stopping a bleeding nose issue.

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